When asked if you would like to join

When asked if you would like to join Celta or Sevilla, Noritto said, «This is a very difficult question, I do not know what to say. Really, I do not know what will happen if Let me make a choice Jayson Megna Jersey, then I would say that this decision is too difficult. In Celta, I spent the best years of my career, where I have a lot of good friends, Sevilla is a Great clubs Rob Scuderi Jersey, they are Champions League team Scott Harrington Jersey, in short, the two teams have their own advantages.This is not an easy topic, you need to look at what Manchester City want, what is needed. Chelsea’s two center Diego – Costa and Bashuya may also leave the team Penguins Jersey, although the Blues close to get Lukaku, but Kong Di still need to operate a center to join. Costa may return to the old club Madrid, is expected next week, the Atletico Madrid offer �� 26 million to buy Costa, the transfer will join the bonus terms. The current hurdle of the deal is that La Liga giants are forbidden signings this summer, and they will be able to add new aid in January next year. Therefore, Atletico wants to persuade Costa to stay in Chelsea in January next year, The Blues will be excluded from the Great Wall Champions League in the Champions League list, to avoid him can not represent the situation of Ma Jing played. From the analysis point of view, even if Costa is temporarily left in the blue bridge, is basically the edge of people, so, in addition to Lucca, Chelsea also hope to get a center, Conti favorite Mora tower. From the British and Spanish media reports, Mora tower infinitely close to join Manchester United, and even the two sides have reached a related agreement, but the transfer of coffins before the conclusion, Chelsea still hope that the last cut Hu, the Blues boss Abramovi Odd willing to come up with 70 million pounds to sign the Spanish center, that is, Chelsea hope to grab in Manchester United before the official announcement of Mora to join, and the difficulty is actually very large.


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