Real Madrid and Manchester United

Real Madrid and Manchester United in the transfer market close ties, Real Madrid has never given up the hope of the introduction of Degea, and Mourinho is fancy Real Madrid striker Mora Tata, hope that the latter can carry the next season Manchester United offensive end of the banner The As a result, Manchester United may be able to use Degeia offset the introduction of C Luo transfer fee, or Degea plus 180 million pounds to exchange C Luo and Mora Tata. It is reported that the current C Luo Thomas Greiss Jersey, Mourinho’s agent are Mendes, the relationship will promote the realization of the transaction Jayson Megna Jersey. Ferguson, who has always been interested in C Lo and has a special voice in Manchester United, will hope that his former apprentice will be able to end his career at Manchester United. Noritto joined Manchester City last summer, he was a member of Guardiola, should be taken seriously, but last season, he played 19 times in the Premier League, just starting 9 games, 4 goals, play not ideal. When talking about his situation, Norito said, «From December to this summer, my debut time is very limited, I need is to play the game, if you have the opportunity pittsburgh penguins jersey, I hope to return to Spain. «I hope I can play the game, I want to be happy, but I do not think Guardiola has any trust in me, I think this will continue until the end of the preseason Phil Kessel Jersey, I do not worry about going to Sevilla, Tower or another team.I think Manchester City wants to receive a large transfer fee on me because they have invested a lot of money and they will mark a price.I hope to know the future as soon as possible, but I have to go back there I will not speak any other interested in the team because I have spoken two.


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