After the end of the season

After the end of the season, Solank returned to his father Chelsea, perhaps the club has been his next step in the training policy has been well planning Robert Bortuzzo Jersey, he may be the team rented to an England team to continue to exercise, and may be renewed Vetters. Can the result? The two sides had a contract because of a contract Paul Coffey Jersey, then a year with the club contract Suolangwang hope the team to provide him with a weekly salary of 50,000 pounds, but the club’s attitude is also very tough, they will not meet Solan Gram so unreasonable demands. Suolanke also lost the club’s favor, in the 2016-17 season, he was the team to stay in the reserve Mike Condon Jersey, but the number of times the appearance of transitory, almost caught in a ball-free situation Tom Barrasso Jersey. Previously with Messi crazy scandal of the Premiership giants Manchester City also know that can not get the name of Argentina star, Manchester City CEO Soriano has recently accepted the Chinese media interview, bluntly he thought that Messi will not leave Barcelona. Soriano has worked in Barcelona between 2003 and 2008, and he and Macey have had some experience. «I am very familiar with Messi, he and his family are very good friends, and now Messi is very good in Barcelona, ??where the most important people and things in his life are there,» Soriano said. I think Messi should be kicked in Barcelona to retire, if he did not end his career in Barcelona, ??then his next stop will not be in Europe, but to the United States or China.


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