Gerrard announced his career

Gerrard announced his career, from 1998 to 2017, Liverpool former captain is almost the best midfielder in England synonymous with the Red Army career 710 battle 186 ball, the club’s history ranked No. 3, the team before the team 5, Took over the Premier League championship outside almost all club tournament honors. During the England team, Steven Gerrard 114 and 21 goals, played several teams history of the fourth year of his career Gerrard won the size of the championship 9 Serge Savard Jersey, won the 2006 PFA Premier League best, in 2005 won the UEFA Player of the Year. Now the team has begun to coach Liverpool U18 echelon, but to re-create a Steven Gerrard II, I am afraid there is no possibility. In the 17 years of the effectiveness of Liverpool, Gerrard played a total of 710 times Victor Bartley Jersey, scored 186 goals, he is the legend of the Red Army, also loaded the history of this Merseyside giants. Sometimes, the winner and the winner together, the difference is not just days and place, and there is a loyalty, Gerrard’s share of feelings, Totti also understand. He will become a free agent, any team wants to sign him do not need to pay the transfer fee. Although Terry has been 36 years old, but he experienced, experience is very rich, and in accordance with the strength of the veteran of England Eric Tangradi Jersey, he foothold in the Premiership did not have any problems, after West Bromwich also want to sign Terry Nathan Beaulieu Jersey, but Now Bournemouth also joined the veteran of the battle.


Bayern Munich in the effectiveness of the Chilean

Bayern Munich in the effectiveness of the Chilean midfielder than Dahl also revealed that he often sent text messages to Sanchez to invite him to join Bayern: «I told Sanchez this is a chance to give the top club Sergei Bobrovsky Jersey, if he wants to fight with the best players, It is necessary to join the best club.Currently Sanchez and Arsenal’s contract for only one year, if the two sides can not reach an agreement to complete the renewal, Arsenal club may agree to leave this summer to recover the loss.Compared to the Premier League opponents Manchester City, Arsenal may be more willing to sell Sanchez to Bayern Munich, although doing so may lose part of the transfer fee Cody Goloubef Jersey. And Sanchez situation is similar to the midfield Ozil, Arsenal club is also working with Ozil to complete the renewal Blue Jackets Jerseys For Sale. But there is no giants club interested in the introduction of Ozil, he is more likely to renew with Arsenal, «Sun» revealed that after the renewal of Ozil’s weekly salary will reach 28 million pounds. As early as last season, Costa began on the initiation of the idea of ??returning to Atletico, and repeatedly claimed that he had deep feelings of Atletico, but unfortunately the bed corps has no practical action, but also to Costa is very disappointed Lukas Sedlak Jersey. And in the Conti and Costa after the fall, the Spanish striker is extremely eager to return to Calderon stadium.


Real Madrid and Manchester United

Real Madrid and Manchester United in the transfer market close ties, Real Madrid has never given up the hope of the introduction of Degea, and Mourinho is fancy Real Madrid striker Mora Tata, hope that the latter can carry the next season Manchester United offensive end of the banner The As a result, Manchester United may be able to use Degeia offset the introduction of C Luo transfer fee, or Degea plus 180 million pounds to exchange C Luo and Mora Tata. It is reported that the current C Luo Thomas Greiss Jersey, Mourinho’s agent are Mendes, the relationship will promote the realization of the transaction Jayson Megna Jersey. Ferguson, who has always been interested in C Lo and has a special voice in Manchester United, will hope that his former apprentice will be able to end his career at Manchester United. Noritto joined Manchester City last summer, he was a member of Guardiola, should be taken seriously, but last season, he played 19 times in the Premier League, just starting 9 games, 4 goals, play not ideal. When talking about his situation, Norito said, «From December to this summer, my debut time is very limited, I need is to play the game, if you have the opportunity pittsburgh penguins jersey, I hope to return to Spain. «I hope I can play the game, I want to be happy, but I do not think Guardiola has any trust in me, I think this will continue until the end of the preseason Phil Kessel Jersey, I do not worry about going to Sevilla, Tower or another team.I think Manchester City wants to receive a large transfer fee on me because they have invested a lot of money and they will mark a price.I hope to know the future as soon as possible, but I have to go back there I will not speak any other interested in the team because I have spoken two.


When asked if you would like to join

When asked if you would like to join Celta or Sevilla, Noritto said, «This is a very difficult question, I do not know what to say. Really, I do not know what will happen if Let me make a choice Jayson Megna Jersey, then I would say that this decision is too difficult. In Celta, I spent the best years of my career, where I have a lot of good friends, Sevilla is a Great clubs Rob Scuderi Jersey, they are Champions League team Scott Harrington Jersey, in short, the two teams have their own advantages.This is not an easy topic, you need to look at what Manchester City want, what is needed. Chelsea’s two center Diego – Costa and Bashuya may also leave the team Penguins Jersey, although the Blues close to get Lukaku, but Kong Di still need to operate a center to join. Costa may return to the old club Madrid, is expected next week, the Atletico Madrid offer �� 26 million to buy Costa, the transfer will join the bonus terms. The current hurdle of the deal is that La Liga giants are forbidden signings this summer, and they will be able to add new aid in January next year. Therefore, Atletico wants to persuade Costa to stay in Chelsea in January next year, The Blues will be excluded from the Great Wall Champions League in the Champions League list, to avoid him can not represent the situation of Ma Jing played. From the analysis point of view, even if Costa is temporarily left in the blue bridge, is basically the edge of people, so, in addition to Lucca, Chelsea also hope to get a center, Conti favorite Mora tower. From the British and Spanish media reports, Mora tower infinitely close to join Manchester United, and even the two sides have reached a related agreement, but the transfer of coffins before the conclusion, Chelsea still hope that the last cut Hu, the Blues boss Abramovi Odd willing to come up with 70 million pounds to sign the Spanish center, that is, Chelsea hope to grab in Manchester United before the official announcement of Mora to join, and the difficulty is actually very large.

After the end of the season

After the end of the season, Solank returned to his father Chelsea, perhaps the club has been his next step in the training policy has been well planning Robert Bortuzzo Jersey, he may be the team rented to an England team to continue to exercise, and may be renewed Vetters. Can the result? The two sides had a contract because of a contract Paul Coffey Jersey, then a year with the club contract Suolangwang hope the team to provide him with a weekly salary of 50,000 pounds, but the club’s attitude is also very tough, they will not meet Solan Gram so unreasonable demands. Suolanke also lost the club’s favor, in the 2016-17 season, he was the team to stay in the reserve Mike Condon Jersey, but the number of times the appearance of transitory, almost caught in a ball-free situation Tom Barrasso Jersey. Previously with Messi crazy scandal of the Premiership giants Manchester City also know that can not get the name of Argentina star, Manchester City CEO Soriano has recently accepted the Chinese media interview, bluntly he thought that Messi will not leave Barcelona. Soriano has worked in Barcelona between 2003 and 2008, and he and Macey have had some experience. «I am very familiar with Messi, he and his family are very good friends, and now Messi is very good in Barcelona, ??where the most important people and things in his life are there,» Soriano said. I think Messi should be kicked in Barcelona to retire, if he did not end his career in Barcelona, ??then his next stop will not be in Europe, but to the United States or China.